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Aren't you tired of being beat up by life? What would it be like to build a life full of success through self-reflection? In Reflection explores the life lessons I've learned on my journey from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Disney's The Lion King, through Harlem School of the Arts, American Ballet Theatre, and beyond. These are life lessons you need to move towards the life you deserve. Join me and seek a deeper sense of self-awareness, enlightenment and success. Click here for the In Reflection playlist and watch the video below for more.

Be sure to come back to my homepage here or visit my YouTube channel @TheAubreyLynch for regular posts of inspiration, love, and light!

For a list of my favorite lessons, visit my IN REFLECTION page and scroll down by clicking here.


I have created a series of movement workshops designed for trained dancers and non-dancers. First piloted in 2009, these movement based workshops take participants on a journey inside introducing the tenets of emotional intelligence and deeper explorations into the stories in us that have no words. These experiences seek to help people identify ways to manage anxiety, depression, perfectionism, healthy self-talk as well as develop essential life skills necessary for a life of success and fulfillment. Although these skills take a lifetime to perfect, these workshops which can be tailored to any group, inspire an intimate conversation with your inner artist and reminds you that your humanity is the most important part of any art form and is the most important part of YOU. For more information, please reach out here.

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Reach out to Aubrey directly for press and business-related inquiries.

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